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JM Casey

Both Firefox and Chrome should together cover most needs. I find that Firefox has a problem loading pages with a lot of content (even a lot of text) and chrome occasionally hangs or “gets stuck”, but both browsers are pretty good. I’m a little disturbed by Google’s attitude toward privacy and ad-blockers, so even though their browser is fast, I tend to use Firefox more often. There are definitely sites that function better using Chrome though, so you should have both. There in’t a limit to the number of browsers you can have on your computer; I just wish some of the many third party ones (seriously, take a look online sometime, there are literally dozens of web browsers out there) worked a little better with screen-readers. Sadly, work mostly seems to only be done on the major competitors.


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Subject: Re: best web browser to use with JAWS?


I vote for Chrome. When the new Edge comes out, I suspect it will take over, and I’m not sure how much difference between the two a user will notice. I don’t recommend the current Edge, it’s being phased out anyway, and I’ll let others praise Firefox.





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Subject: best web browser to use with JAWS?


Hi all:


Please post your recommendations of what you think is the best web browser to use with the latest version of JAWS. I seem to go back and forth on this and would like to settle down and really learn using what folks think is best.







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