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Chris Hill

Well, ie and firefox both have menu bars with things divided off into categories, chrome has a menu button where everything is thrown together and you just have to keep arrowing down until you find what you want.  Bookmarks in firefox are fairly simple, as long as you put the bookmark in the right place when you save it.  Bookmarks are hard enough to get to in chromium-based browsers that I generally don't mess with them; if I found a thing once I'll either find it again or use it enough to remember the address.

On 6/27/2019 04:54, Sharon wrote:

What do you mean as menus being quite as deep as? I’m confused about bookmarks for example in both Firefox and Google Chrome. IE is so simple. I don’t know what I’m missing here.



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I don't think there is one best web browser.  The chromium-based ones are okay, although I try to avoid actual google chrome because of its spying.  I'd much rather use brave it blocks ads and lets me read things where other browsers just say you have to subscribe or allow ads.  I like firefox for the fact that its menus aren't buried quite as deep as chromium-based browsers.  Other than the menus they all basically work the same, so there really is no reason to restrict yourself to only using one browser.



On 6/26/2019 15:07, James Gashel wrote:

Hi all:


Please post your recommendations of what you think is the best web browser to use with the latest version of JAWS. I seem to go back and forth on this and would like to settle down and really learn using what folks think is best.







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