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Agree. Until I have a chance to try one at a store, the whole concept of
doing touch-typing for long periods of time with a vertical surface makes my
wrists hurt, just thinking about it. What an ergonometric nightmare! Perhaps
these were designed by, or funded by the AMA to get future business?

Dave Carlson
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Yes, you are correct, one does use their finger on the computer screen
perpindicularly. I've seen people do it but haven't tried it myself. They
also have a keyboard. I hear one can turn off this touch feature; what I do
not know and wonder about myself is their duol ways of doing something like
either touch or keyboard? I sure don't want to lean over to try and focus on
some place on the screen in order to find where to touch. The touch screen
on an iPad and iPhone is easier because of being able to hold it at the
right angle.
Debbie, Chaz & Jessie
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I'm not sure of the difference between a touch computer and a tablet, such
as the I Pad. With the pads, you have internet connectivity and the input
device is your finger. With a conventional desktop computer, the input
device is a keyboard or mouse. The monitor is perpendicular to your real
desktop so a sighted person can look at the screen. This would make using
your finger difficult and tiring. I wonder what Windows eight does about
that. Has anyone seen a demo?

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I don't know, but people with iPhones and iPads and iPod Touch's seem to
love them.

At 03:46 AM 2/1/2012, you wrote:
Hi Lauren.

Why would screen reader users of computers want to faf about with a
touch screen computer??


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