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Hi Steve,

Sorry, i'm French, then I don't know exact function names in English. But i'll try to guide to the right path:

To get the number of "yes" from column B the formula is something like that

=nb.if(b2:b10;"yes") where b2:b10 is the range of rows you want to sum and "yes" is what you want to sum.

Then, to get the total number of tasks that are in column A this is:;a:a)-1 : here i'm not sure about the name but you may find it from the Math category.

Then fi you want a percentage this is first divided by second as follows:

=nb.if(b2:b10;"yes") / (;a:a)-1)

Hope that helps anyway


Le 26/06/2019 à 01:17, Steve & Shannon Cook a écrit :

Hi All,


Using Excel 2016, Windows 10 and the current version of JAWS.  I have an Excel sheet in column A I have the task a person must perform.  In Column B I will answer yes or no if they can perform the task.  Here is my issue, I want to create a formula at the bottom of column B to determine if they answered yes to 80% of the questions.  I would greatly appreciate your assistance!




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