moderated Re: Have they implemented an option to tell JAWS to stop restarting itself yet?

Chris Hill

Sad.  You really have to watch laptop processors.  I bought a "gaming" laptop that is about a year and a half old with a 7th generation core i5, and it is barely faster than this 5.5 year old desktop with an i5-4430.  If you want to keep a laptop a long time, buy the fastest processor available at that time. 

I don't really think being logged into multiple servers is going to push a processor all that hard.  Running ocr on a big batch job or using something to make the audio level consistent on a huge batch of mp3 files will really push a system.

On 6/24/2019 09:23, James Homuth wrote:

Eh. It’s just about 4 years old. I’ve had desktops acting as servers that have lasted longer (last one was 8 before the motherboard finally gave it up). It lets me log into multiple servers at once and doesn’t choke, which is probably a good benchmark for anything. At any given point the only casualty is JAWS, and only versions of JAWS that auto restart. Hand me a version that doesn’t have the auto restart functionality and it’ll run like a champ.


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Well, it is getting on in years.  I'm guessing it is in a laptop since my i5-4430 desktop is about three times faster even though it is a generation older.  Unfortunately, buying a laptop often means you get a nice looking box with a slow processor in it.



On 6/24/2019 09:01, James Homuth wrote:

Core i5-5200U at 2.20 GHZ. Pair that with 8 GB of RAM. It’s not screaming, but it takes a lot to make this machine sweat.


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Very interesting.  How slow is this computer?  What processor are we talking about here?



On 6/24/2019 07:57, James Homuth wrote:

I do this for a living. Trust me, my PC is very stable. Also I did say I can do the exact same things with JAWS 14 and the software doesn’t crash. JAWS has been repaired, uninstalled, reinstalled, upgraded, then reinstalled again just for amusement. To fix another issue the OS was reinstalled not all that long ago. Trust me. It’s not the PC.


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That's the strangest claim I've ever heard.  I suspect your pc is unstable, you might want to start with a check of the hard drive using chkdsk.  If that passes, scan it for viruses and malware then reinstall jaws if none of that helps. 



On 6/24/2019 05:46, James Homuth wrote:

Here’s the situation. My PC is not as fast as it could be. It’s also going to be replaced just as soon as I have the financial room to do it. But it’s not unstable, by any means—just sometimes it likes to take a couple seconds longer than it should to do certain things. The problem is, and I notice this fairly consistently, JAWS likes to assume it’s the problem when my PC does that, and so will kill itself, try and restart, and basically throw me off of whatever I’m working on. I was right in the middle of reading something tonight, the backup process kicked in, and JAWS committed suicide. Keep in mind, JAWS was perfectly stable. My system was perfectly stable. Just the CPU had run up above 50% for a few minutes.


I’d stuck with 14 for as long as I did because of that “feature” (for those with them disabled, the word “feature” is in quotes), but the list of currently available programs that 14 will still actually work with gets shorter on the daily. So I upgraded. Admittedly mostly for Office 365 (my work uses Exchange, and the newer versions of Exchange don’t work with Outlook 2003), but being perfectly honest the ability to use things like Chrome doesn’t hurt either.


My question: have they invented a way yet to tell JAWS not to have such an inferiority complex? I mean I get it—2019 isn’t exactly a bug free release, but the biggest reason if you’re me for JAWS taking a dive isn’t because it’s having a problem, but because it’s assuming it’s having a problem. It makes finding the actual problem slightly more annoying than it needs to be—I do have NVDA on here, but by the time I get that loaded whatever hung the system and tripped JAWS up has stopped hanging the system and JAWS has tripped for nothing. Any suggestions, or are we stuck waiting to see if FS realises that not every issue can be solved by restarting the program, particularly when the program being restarted isn’t the issue in the first place?

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