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Hi Justin,


If you  are using Jaws, I encourage you to read the info about Skype in the Jaws help. It will tell you what version of Skype to get to work best with Jaws and I believe also has keystrokes for basic commands.

If you’re not using Jaws, I would advise you download and install Skype for Desktop. This is what Jaws recommends and I would think it would be the version best suited for use with screen readers.






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Sent: Sunday, June 23, 2019 8:45 PM
Subject: Re: Using Skype


Dear friend, first of all, there is no accessibility issue using Skype Electron with screen readers.

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From: Justin Mcdevitt
Sent: Monday, June 24, 2019 6:23 AM
Subject: Using Skype


Hello list-members,


Over the past 7-8 years, I have only had 3-4 occasions where I used Skype. I will be working with a trainer remotely beginning later this week and would like to use Skype for our sessions.


I have read that Skype and Windows 10 using a screenreader program has some accessibility issues. There are also two download options: Skype for Windows 10 and Skype for Desktop. As I will be using my PC for this training, the latter would have the most direct application.


In a large binder where I keep braille notes on various programs, I have some basic Skype commands from some years ago  using JAWS. Have any of these commands changed? Are there any new commands?


I would appreciate any input and direction.


Best, Justin


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