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There is no way to send your post via email to your friends on Facebook. How to receive notifications is a persons choice. I have some group post come to my email. Other groups that I don’t frequent regularly, I have those groups to be received in notifications within Facebook.


Hi Donna: does that refer to posting items also? I am actually trying to find out how I can make certain posts go out to people on my FB list as email notifications.


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Using the FB app..go to settings, type notifications, you will be presented with several ways one can receive notifications. Tap on each notification preference to change your current settings.


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Hello all: I frequently get email messages with Facebook as the sender and a subject like: “[friend so-and-so] shared a link” or a photo, or updated his/her status. So how is that kind of message created—that is, what procedure will trigger that message to be sent as emails to your Facebook friends? There are times when I’d like to do that. I know you can post something by finding “What’s on your mind, [name]?” Then, find “Share” and make sure it’s the “share” button, not just the text somewhere. That, however, doesn’t seem to generate any message via email to your Facebook friends. They will see what you posted only if they decide to go to Facebook and cruise around. I’m not even sure how they find your post.

Yes, even if there isn’t a course on Facebook, it would be great to have some pointers on how to know how your stuff is treated if you place some thing on Facebook. I can use Facebook on my iPhone or my PC, but the conundrum is present whichever method I use.

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