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Astrid van Woerkom

Hi Kendra,
Thanks so much. Is Outlook built in with Windows 10 or do you have to have Office for that? I don’t do a lot of word processing or spreadsheets. Most often I use my computer for blogging, E-mail and other online stuff.

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Hi Astrid and all! I have a Dell laptop computer with JAWS, NVDA and Windows 10. I also have an Iphone. I also have Dropbox and Google Drive. Google Drive and Dropbox both sync up to both my computer and my Iphone. It's awesome!!! I'm a college student and I wouldn't survive college without that ability. I also have Outlook which is a a new vversion of the old Outlook  Express for your email. I on't know if Windows Mail is accessible because I don't don't use it. If I use Firefox the most on my computer. I use Microsoft Word and Google Dox for word prossessors. I use JAWS 2018 because I don’t care for JAWS 2019, thanks to bugs. NVDA has improved a lot and competes with JAWS. Even with JAWS, it’s still worth having NVDA as well so you can either swap between them as needed or as a back up for whenever JAWS refuses to behave. NVDA is still free but you pay for any add one. Both screen readers work with Windows 10 and the apps I mentioned. I don’t recamend Microsoft Edge because it’s not currently fully accessible. Chrome is a lot better and Internet Explorer has passed its prime. Firefox is my go to browser because you can do a lot more with it than you can with Internet Explorer. Also, if you can’t work a Mac, then stick with your PC instead. Besides, you have more power with word prosessors and spreadsheets on a PC.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this Email!
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Subject: Transitioning back from Mac to PC? Lots of questions
Hi all,
I have some questions. I need to make the choice between a Mac with VoiceOve ror a PC with Windows 10 and JAWS. Background: hav eused PCs with JAWS ever since 2002, but had been waiting for approval from my health insurance to get a new JAWS version ever since late 2017. In the meantime, last January, I bought a Mac, which I can’t get used to. Long story short, I was finally approved for JAWS and now my husband is willing to get me a Windows PC and to take over my Mac. Keeping both the Mac and PC is not an option for practical reasons.

As the purchase of the Mac was quite a desperate action and I don’t want to repeat it, I want to get opinions from people as to how useable JAWS is these days? Is there a browser that works well? I cannot get used to the way Safari works on the Mac, but I don’t want to have to have three different browsers on my PC like I did with my last Windows PC and way old JAWS. What about Windows Mail? Is the Windows app store accessible nowadays, and if not, where do you get your apps?

Is there a way to keep files synchronized between PC and iPhone? I like my iPhone and really use it ll the time.

What feed reader(s) is/are accessible with JAWS? Is Kindle for PC still accessible (Kindle for Mac isn’t)? Just some random questions. Will ask more if I think of any.

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