moderated Re: Hello All Is it outlook or office 365 email ?

James English


The OP wasn't asking if it exists, I think, they were asking if anyone
knows how to use it. I don't, I've not used it for about 4 years, just
clarifying the question for any further responses.

On 6/18/19, JM Casey <> wrote:
You probably didn't get a response back before because your question is
pretty hard to understand.

Even now the only question I can glean from this is:

"Is there outlook or office 365 email ?"

Yes. Outlook is the e-mail client in Microsoft office.

If you want your friend to be helped by the list, I think you'll need to be
a bit more specific, or maybe even get her on here to ask the question

Does she have outlook? I guess that'd be a good place to start. Is she
trying to set up e-mail with an iSP? Gmail? Something else?

From: <> On Behalf Of O.Addison
Sent: June 18, 2019 2:30 PM
Subject: Hello All Is it outlook or office 365 email ?

Hello All I have post about it but didn't get any response back from any
member. Is there outlook or office 365 email ? My friend have window7
desktop and jaws2019 ,she is having problem trying to how to send new
and reply email and add contact in address book !! Do any member have this
email clients ? If so Can you tell me what I need to tell my friend what
need to do ?

Thank you


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