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Thank you for getting back.  Most encouraging.


Would you maybe be interested in discussing some of the aspects of transcription as a career and using Express Scribe off list.


I hate to tie up a Jaws user list with a huge basket of questions, some about Express Scribe, some about the transcription field itself.


I can be emailed at scopist65@...


I am very pleased to hear you feel the software is very accessible.  I’m just not sure what settings I should change to make it more efficient. Seems you always change a setting or two and if there is a way to email the company NHC I have not found it yet.


I attempted to look at some YouTube tutorials and they sort of helped, but are so visual.  Apparently there are templates, fast fox short-cuts, and other work-improvers.

Thank you for your assistance.



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I am a legal and medical transcriptionist and have been for the past 20 years. I have used Express scribe for nearly 90%  of that time, and find it to be the most accessible and user-friendly program.

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I currently use Express Scribe for medical transcription and it is pretty good.  I use a foot pedal to control the dictation, which helps a lot.  There are a pair of slider bars for controlling volume and speed for the mouse users out there but otherwise you can tailor speed/tone/volume/playback through menu choices.  I use the free version. 


Hope that helps.


Lee Anne


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I’m new here but joined expressly so that I might ask if anyone on this list does transcription.  It can be medical, legal, or other.  If so, what transcription software do you use?  Do you use Express Scribe or another software package?


Thank you

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