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Munawar Bijani <munawarb@...>

A quick Google search turned up this article.

I've personally never had this issue but if you shut your system down improperly or something like that sometimes the supporting files and databases can become corrupt.

On 6/18/2019 1:14 PM, John Covici wrote:
In that group there is nothing about startup, just schedule
send/receive after so many minutes set to 30.

On Tue, 18 Jun 2019 12:50:36 -0400,
Bill White wrote:
Make sure that under Send and Receive (my shortcut is ALT plus CONTROL plus
S) that your account is set to send and receive at startup.

Bill White

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Subject: outlook no longer automatically updating my inbox folder

Hi. I am not sure when this started, maybe a week or so ago, but
outlook 2016 -- office 365 version -- is no longer updating
automatically when I open it. It does work if I use the ribbon to go
to the send-receive tab and push the button that says send-receive all
folders, but only then. Anyone know what is happening or is anyone
seeing this?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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