moderated Re: Accessible Version of Visual Studio?

Munawar Bijani <munawarb@...>

Also, I took a look at the Stack Overflow link you gave. The last edit was in 2009, so I'd consider it outdated. Accessibility APIs have changed drastically since that post.

On 6/17/2019 10:46 AM, Annabelle Susan Morison wrote:
Hi, it's Annabelle.
I've read somewhere that Visual Studio has a version that's fully accessible to JAWS. The version I was told is fully accessible is Visual Studio 2005. The problem is, I'm not sure where to get that one, especially a copy that's clean and free of viruses, malware, adware, spyware, and the like. I've tried the new version, but it updates Windows, which breaks screenreader compatibility on my machine. I've already had to restore it back to working order by reimaging the hard drive three times within 8 years! The first time, I formatted the wrong hard drive by accident, and now I have to recover what I didn't get the chance to back up on that hard drive. If I can't get Visual Studio 2005, I wonder what programming alternative I can use? Particularly I want to program my own virtual instruments and audio software, as well as software that lets customers write their own scripts for ceremonies. The site where I read about the accessibility of Visual Studio 2005 is here:

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