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Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

I have also noticed this behavior, but if you once again find the place where you want to be, it does not usually happen again until another page is opened. By the way, what is a race condition?

Thank you.

Bill White

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Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2019 3:10 PM
Subject: JAWS skipping to end of page in Firefox

I have Automatically Read Pages When Loaded set to Off.

When JAWS announces the list of headings and links on a page I'll begin
to navigate the page. Suddenly, I find myself at the bottom of the page.
This happens so often that I now wait about a second after JAWS
announces the list of links and headings before I begin to navigate.

I'm assuming there's a race condition here and am wondering if anyone
has noticed this behavior? I have not tried in Chrome or Edge. This is
Firefox Quantum of course.

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