moderated Re: Complete list of JAWS commands?

Ann Byrne

Under JAWS, help, keystrokes is what should be the *complete list of JAWS keystrokes in files by activity/purpose.

Open each one, select all, copy, paste into the document of your choice, and it's there. Below is the copied list of layered keystrokes. the other files will look the same.

Table Layer Keystrokes

Table layer keystrokes offer a fast and convenient way to navigate tables. The table layer eliminates the need to have to hold down several keys at once to perform a table navigation command.

Below is a list of the layered keystrokes for table navigation. Press and release INSERT+SPACEBAR, followed by T to get to the table layer. Then press any of the following keystrokes.
* List the keystrokes you can use in this layer, QUESTION MARK
* Move to cell above, below, left, or right, ARROW Key in any direction
* Say current cell, NUMPAD 5
* Move to the beginning of the current row, HOME
* Move to the end of the current row, END
* Jump to the first cell in a table, CTRL+HOME
* Jump to the last cell in a table, CTRL+END
* Move to the beginning of the current column, CONTROL+UP ARROW
* Move to the bottom of the current column, CONTROL+DOWN ARROW
* Move to the beginning of the current row, CONTROL+LEFT ARROW
* Move to end of current row, CONTROL+RIGHT ARROW
* Jump to next table, CONTROL+ENTER
* Jump to prior table, CONTROL+SHIFT+ENTER
* Read the current row, SHIFT+UP ARROW
* Read from the current cell, SHIFT+PAGE UP
* Read to the current cell, SHIFT+HOME
* Read the current column, SHIFT+NUMPAD 5
* Read to the bottom of the column, SHIFT+PAGE DOWN
* Read from the top of the column, SHIFT+END

The Table Layer remains active until you press a key that does not perform a table command, such as ESC, SPACEBAR, TAB, or ENTER.



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