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The Iowa Gal <iowagal728@...>

Hi Mike, default settings mode is pretty cool. Unfortunately, it confirmed my suspicion that I’ll need to repair Jaws, which is ok.

Please do me a solid and don’t mention to my friends that I accepted help from a Dodgers fan…I’ll never hear the end of it! <smile>

Best from the home of the AAA Iowa Cubs,




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Hi Norma,


To make sure it's a settings issue you can run J2019 in its default settings by doing the following:

Hold down the, Insert key, then press the, spacebar, to activate the layered keystroke feature then press the letter, Z.  This will temporarily bypass
your settings and put Jaws into it's factory default settings mode.  This keystroke is a toggle so, press the key combination sequence again to go back
to your personal settings.
Temporary bypass using current User Settings and use JAWS factory default = Z.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
No one has more to say than the woman who says she doesn't want to talk about it. 

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Hi, Norma. Probably the best way to restore JAWS to the default settings is to rerun the JAWS installer for your particular version. Then do a JAWS repair.


If you have trouble doing this, I will send you a message off list with my number, and you can give me a call. I will walk you through it. I hope this helps you.



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Subject: Restoring default settings J 2019


Hi group,


I need to restore my Jaws 2019 to the default settings. Yes, this is a situation of my own making. Anyway, would someone help me out of what I’ve gotten myself into?


Thanks and much appreciated,



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