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On Wed, Jun 12, 2019 at 01:02 AM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:
Except that one never sticks for long
That's why I don't go that route unless I know that this is a "one time review," which I have very seldom found to be the case in real life.   It's far better to use Excel's own features to embed information about a set of column titles (using the RowTitle feature - because it is a row of titles for columns) or row titles (using the ColumnTitle feature - because it is a column of titles for each respective row).

Doing it using Excel's features also ensures that if you are setting up, say, a monthly worksheet that you then want to duplicate 12 times in the same workbook, that you only need to do the setup once and those formatting options will carry over to each month's copy, provided you set the scope of the titles to the worksheet, not the workbook as a whole.

It's somewhat more tedious at the outset, but so much less time consuming over the long run.

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