moderated Re: How to get to a YouTube Skip Ads popup?

Shankar C

if you feel that the add playing more than expected time, you may
refresh the page by pressing f5 key.
I use this method some time if I am unable to find the skip add button!

On 6/11/19, Steve Nutt <> wrote:

I find that if you let the ad run for about ten seconds, then the B method
will work. The Skip ad button doesn't come up at the beginning of ads, so
you have to watch a bit of them.

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Subject: Re: How to get to a YouTube Skip Ads popup?

The B button works sometimes but it is just the way you tube is.
On 6/7/2019 2:52 PM, Kramlinger, Keith G., M.D. via Groups.Io wrote:


Recently I've been having trouble with finding the Skip Ads button in
YouTube. Today, several minutes into an 18 minute ad and being unable to
find the Skip Ads button, I cornered a sighted coworker who easily found
what they described as a Skip Ads popup button that was over the Play
area. This never announced as I tabbed and arrowed through the YouTube

Is there a way or ways to consistently find YouTube Skip Ads buttons?

Thanks in advance, Keith

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