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Stan Bobbitt

Using latest Jaws 2019 and windows 10. When I hit windows key period jaws announces “emoji panel is open. Then left and right, up and down arrows and the different emojis are spoken.



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Subject: Re: Lost command to bring up the Emoji panel?


Hi Peter,


You didn’t say which screenreader you use, but if you use Jaws then for me also Jaws says nothing about the emoji panel opening, but it opens nonetheless and if I press right arrow or down arrow Jaws will announce whichever emoji you might be on.

I am on the Jaws Beta list and I will file a bug report, I also feel Jaws should say “Emoji Panel” or something like this to indicate it is open.

Brian, there seems to be very little delay for me, I will have to ask a sighted person to watch, but if I press Windows + Period and immediately press enter as fast as I can the 😊emoji is already inserted.

Interestingly enough just now Jaws is telling me “Emoji panel is closed” when I press Windows + Period, but when I arrow around I hear emojis and I can insert them by pressing enter. There is obviously something strange going on how Jaws gets information there, but like I said, I’ll file a bug report.





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Sent: Monday, June 10, 2019 6:35 PM
Subject: Re: Lost command to bring up the Emoji panel?


It can be slow to appear after the keyboard shortcut is issued.  And that's even when there's not a screen reader involved.  I have no idea why this is.


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