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Kimsan <kimsansong@...>

Hi tom:
Capchas drive me bonkers as well and I didn't think about the Itunes until
the rum and coke was done lol lol.

Take care.

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Hi Kimsan,
Friggin' kaptchas make me nuts; I hate kaptchas and do everything possible
to avoid them. Is your Apple ID going to be used on an IOS device such as
an iPhone or iPad? If so, why not use the app store on the IOS device to
create your Apple ID. That's what I did on my iPhone and on my girlfriend's
iPhone, and in neither case did I have to screw around with a stupid


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I am trying to create an apple ID using IE 8. I get to the part where I
have to listen to the capcha but nothing is playing what should I do
downloading firefox and using web visum?


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