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For me what seems to work is pressing tab, then arrow to the group you want, e.g. Most recently used, Smiley faces and animals etc.

Now I press enter and Jaws actually says “Emoji panel is open. Smiley faces and animals selected. Selected contain 8 items. Keep typing to find an emoji”

Now if I press Shift + Tab I get into the actual list of emojis and I can right arrow, down arrow and so on. But if you know what you want starting to type something like “grin” will bring up all emojis like “Grinning Face”, “Grinning Face with wide open eyes” etc.


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Sent: Monday, June 10, 2019 6:52 PM
Subject: Re: Bringing up the Emoji panel?


I'm playing with it now, in Notepad.


I noticed that after issuing the command, hitting space will bring up the panel quickly.


If I close the panel with     ESCAPE, and then issue the command it comes up but closed. Hitting space will open it.


I'm still floundering about trying to consistently get into a list of the emoji symbol for smiley faces.


Tabbing will get me to the list of groups, arrow right goes through the groups such as:

  Most Recently Used and smiley faces.


But, how to open or get into the group list of Smiley Faces?


Just once did I land in a list of smiley faces but I don't know what I did.


Peter T.


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