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I have been working on this and my original instructions, with some slight modifications, do work (or do for me with JAWS 2019 and Excel 2016).   That being said, there are multiple ways to accomplish what's being sought and I really have no idea how most who can't actually see a spreadsheet deal with across row or down column selection.

One can select a range of cells, then define it as a Title Row (which is the titles of the respective columns that row is above), and the same for a Title Column, and define it that way.  Or one can simply select the first cell of the title row/column, and use a special Excel Keyword for the name followed by dot dot (with no spaces) and the designation of the cell that ends the series (which will be a cell to the right if it's a Title Row or a cell below if it's a Title Column).

There also exists the option of using an Excel table in the spreadsheet, too, and that can be very convenient for dealing with needs for insertion of additional rows and things like Total rows, which can just slide on down (or up, if rows are deleted) and the formulae handle this seamlessly.

How do you, here, set this sort of thing up, and how do you go about multi-selection of ranges in a single row or column.  Knowing about common selection methods used for blocks of cells would be interesting, too.

I've never had a client where I was working with them doing heavy duty work with Excel spreadsheet creation or modification.  Most of the work was about accessing existing spreadsheets, which is an entirely different kettle of fish.  That's how the stuff related to designating titles came about, because it becomes rather hellish to know where you are in a complex Excel table if you are distracted, or need to shift focus to something else, and come back in without knowing the row/column you're working with and what it represents.


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