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Laura Richardson

I got it …… After I placed myself on the page I wanted to print, I pressed control p and started tabbing through …… I found it where it said “settings group box print what? Combo box use the arrow keys to make a selection”.  I pressed alt and down arrow to open the combo box where it then gave me choices of all pages, current page, etc.  BTW; I also was able to make my choice by just arrowing down (not pressing alt down arrow to open a combo box.


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On Sat, Jun 8, 2019 at 11:40 AM, Laura Richardson wrote:

How do I get to the drop down box?

I'm currently using NVDA, but all I do is tab to it.  It announces "Settings Grouping" then that I'm on the combo box (what I called a dropdown, because if you can't enter text into it it's really not a combo box), and I can either hit spacebar or enter to make it open to select what I want.  Then I navigate back to the Print button and hit it (or, hit ALT+F,P,P from wherever you happen to be to activate it without having to navigate back).

I also have the screen reader announcing the keyboard shortcut sequence to achieve the same thing without having to navigate to that dropdown, but you'd have to get there once to hear it.   ALT+F,P,A shoots you straight to the dropdown, which is expanded when you land on it, and you can select current page.   ALT+F,P,S takes you straight to the select page range edit box, where you can enter a page number, series of numbers, series of ranges, or any combination thereof.

Office 365 is built principally upon Office 2016 as its baseline, with a bit of 2019 thrown in.  There should be no significant differences in the File Tab between the three, which is where all this stuff is controlled.

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