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Rick Mladek

Now you lead me to a question lol. Is 2016 and 2019 more the same or is 2019 more like 365?



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As Rick has indicated, if the page you want to print happens to be the one you currently are looking at in Word (or pretty much any program, it works the same in PDF readers and other programs, too).

Things did change in the Word 2016 print dialog, though.  At one time the "current page," "all pages," and "page range" options were presented as radio buttons, where if you used the page range option you then had to enter something like 2-7 if you wanted pages 2 through 7 of the current document to print.  In Word 2016, there is now a dropdown box, the first one in the settings section, that allows you to pick full document (Print all pages, the default), current page, or specific pages (page range).  You must use the dropdown if you want to choose current page and don't know or don't want to check the current page number, but if you want a page range, immediately under that dropdown is an edit box for pages, where you can enter a single page, e.g., 7, a contiguous page range, e.g. 2-5, or a combination of both, e.g. 3,7-11,14,19-25.  If you enter anything in that box it automatically switches the dropdown to reflect specific pages.

The dropdown box also allows you to print out certain properties associated with your document, rather than document pages.  You can review what those are if you expand the dropdown.

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