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From a tutorial I put together for a former student.  There is another way to do this via JAWS such that it "doesn't stick," but my client always wanted JAWS to read column headers (and, sometimes, row titles) every time he needed to touch a given spreadsheet, so this is how to set things up in the spreadsheet itself such that JAWS will read these any time it's opened:

You will receive many files where the column title row has not been defined such that JAWS can read it.  Once you figure out which row contains the column titles, do the following:

1.     INS+V, Bring up JAWS Verbosity Settings

2.     Type column, in the Verbosity Search Box

3.     Arrow down to Column Titles Row Range Set

4.     Hit Spacebar, this should cause JAWS to announce the row number you were sitting on that contains the column titles.  (If this is on the first row JAWS will say one but if it’s the fifth row it will say five.)

If you also want JAWS to announce the rows by the data that you have in the first column, you will want to continue as follows:

1.     Hit Down Arrow to move to the Row Titles for Column Range Set

2.     Hit spacebar and JAWS will announce the column letter that contains the data that will be used to announce the row title.  So you will hear A if it’s column A, B if column B, etc.


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