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Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

Hi, Robin. When JAWS is set to mute speech, speech is always muted. When JAWS is set to use Speech on demand, speech is usually muted, but JAWS will still speek when using commands such as,


Say Character

Say Prior Word

Say Next Word

Say Word

Spell Word

Say Prior Line

Say Current Line

Spell Current Line

Say All


etc. So, you have speech muted, but when using navigational commands except for arrow keys, JAWS will speak normally.


Bill White



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Subject: Re: jaws quick / hot key


Sieghard, Are you able to articulate to me what Speech on Demand really does?  Even without following the steps you and Bill each outlined,  I was finding that the JAWS spacebar then S would mute my speech.  JAWS says Speech on Demand, but when this is active, I havent’ noticed JAWS speaking so it’s effectively been a mute function for me.  I’m not clear how someone would use Speech on Demand and am guessing that you have to customize how JAWS will or won’t speak in this mode, but can’t imagine how it’s used.





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Hi Bill,


Just for your information, you can accomplish what  you described also in the following way:


1. Press Jaws Key + Spacebar followed by S – this will turn on speech on demand

2. Now press Jaws Key + Spacebar followed by Shift + S – Jaws will say “Speech off set to speech mute”

3. Press Jaws Key + Spacebar followed by S again – Jaws will now say full speech and from now on when you press this layered shortcut it will toggle between mute and full speech.

If you want to go back to speech on demand simply repeat the above steps, first toggle speech to mute, then press the layered keystroke but with Shift + S and Jaws will say “Speech off set to speech on demand”, now the toggle is back between full speech and speech on demand.





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Subject: Re: jaws quick / hot key


Hi, Rick. In case all you want to do is to mute speech instead of unloading JAWS entirely, try the following,


1. Open Settings Center with INSERT plus six on numbers row.

2. Press CONTROL plus SHIFT plus D to load Default JAWS configuration.

3. In the search field, type




4. Arrow down to Less Speech Options.

5. Press SPACE BAR to toggle speech from Speech On Demand to Mute Speech.

6. TAB to OK, and press ENTER to save settings.


7. Now, INSERT plus SPACE, followed by S will mute speech instead of setting it to Speech On Demand.



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Sent: Thursday, June 6, 2019 8:10 AM
Subject: jaws quick / hot key


Hi all,


Sorry for my constant inquiries but is there a short cut for turning jaws on and off? Something more quick than alt tabbing to jaws and hitting alt F4?





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