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Rick Mladek

Thanks bunches…


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And if you use Jaws 2019 you can now specify in Options > Basic if you want to get the prompt whether you really want to exit Jaws. If you don’t want it then pressing Jaws Key + F4 simply unloads Jaws and that is that.

You can make a keyboard shortcut to reload Jaws, go to the Jaws icon on the desktop and press Alt + Enter for the properties:

1. Tab twice and you hear “Shortcut key: Hot key, None

2. Press a key combination you want to use, I recommend Control + Shift + J since it’s easy to press and easy to remember

3. Tab to OK and activate it. You maybe be prompted to continue with administrator rights, but once done if Jaws is unloaded pressing Control + Shift + J will start it.



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Subject: Re: jaws quick / hot key


Can this also be toggled to turn back on?


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insert-f4 will do the exit of Jaws.



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Hi all,


Sorry for my constant inquiries but is there a short cut for turning jaws on and off? Something more quick than alt tabbing to jaws and hitting alt F4?





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