moderated Jaws reading or indicating "all"

Rick Mladek

Hi Everybody,


Here is an odd one, I turn on my computer and went into my internet browser, Mozilla Firefox. My homepage is set to and I was just going down to see if anything new is on this page and a link I haven’t noticed before, how search works, was found. I clicked on it to see what they say about how their search works and I’ve noticed a very disturbing issue. As I arrow down, I hear “all” before each link or section. What is this? How do I get jaws not to read or say all before all as I move down through this information? This is new to me, I hope someone understands what I’ve come across. This is not the “say all” command. I actually hear the word, all, as it comes to a new link or paragraph or section of information.


This is also same on Internet Explorer and I am to believe with all browsers.


Thanks again,



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