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Tom Lange

Going back even as far as Windows XP, I’ve seen many instances in which invoking the Jaws cursor and then using the arrow keys results in “blank, blank, blank”  et cetera and I’ve never gotten a satisfactory answer regarding why that happens. I’ve tried tweaking the screen resolution and other settings, to no avail. 
As for the John’s cursor, I’ve never actually encountered one of those but I would speculate that it must be some device that kicks into high gear when a guy hanging out in the red-light district gets busted and hauled in for soliciting.

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  JAWS is what was meant.  Sorry I did not proof better.



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The John’s cursor?


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 I am not sure of the solution, but this is a typical John’s Kurtzer response. As windows has advanced and technology increased the John’s cursor has become less useful. I understand that Freedom Scientific is working on that and hopes to have major changes soon. 



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Dear listers, on Windows 10, I encounter a strange problem in Jaws
cursor mode with all web browsers. that while it reads properly
through arrow keys, it just says: "space", if I would like to move
word by word or character by character to move and click an element or
a word to read. So I am literally unable to grabb anything clickable
or any word to locate in Jaws cursor mode.
I have tested through various Jaws versions from April 2019 down to
2018, but it gives the same result.
I use a Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 P20W-C laptop with all the drivers
and firmwares up to date.

Any tip or help greatly appreciated.

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