Re: goldwave scripts not working properly


well, I don't know what's wrong. the scripts worked just fine when I had
JAWS 16 and 18. I had done a repair on 2018 but the problem remains.

Richard, are the scripts that you have version 2.0 or 1.6? there is a
keystroke to show that information, but forgot what it is. it's not
insert+q but something else.

if anyone has a constructive suggestion, please do tell.

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From: Richard Turner []
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Date: Tuesday, May 28, 2019, 1:10 PM
Subject: goldwave scripts not working properly

I believe I have the same scripts, but they are in the folder:
"C:\ProgramData\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\2019\Scripts\enu\"

I confirmed this by opening the Jaws menu, then on the utilities menu,
explore utilities, then explore scripts, which is where I confirmed that
path, and the scripts work fine for me.


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From: <> On Behalf Of Mario
Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2019 8:27 AM
Subject: goldwave scripts not working properly

the file that I downloaded is and
after extracting the files and copying them to the appropriate location
(see below), when I check the script version, it is 1.6. does anyone
have the latest scripts for Goldwave, or direct me where to get them?

in the meantime, I have copied all of the files to the following folder:

"C:\Users\Mario\AppData\Roaming\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\2018\Settings\enu\"

but when I attempt to select a choice in an edit combo, I cannot simply
arrow down or up to different choices unless I press alt+down arrow to
open the dialog, arrow to the spoken choice, and press alt+up arrow
before I can preview the change. I did not have to do this previously
when I had JAWS 16. now that I use 2018, what can I do to fix this dilemma?

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