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Sharon Ballantyne

Hi there.

I am using Windows 10 and JAWS 19. I am teaching a Masters of Ed. Course
attempting to use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. It is not pretty from an
accessibility standpoint in my experience. I have four weeks left of a
twelve week semester. I am a person who is totally blind. Alt m will turn
your microphone on and off. I do find however it sometimes will not
consistently perform the action. Usually JAWS will state whether it is
toggling the microphone on or off. If it just says alt M and not the
extended information it has not performed the action. I have the grad
students doing a lot of different presentations and thus I do use hand up
and down. This is accomplished by alt h toggle. Usually the screen is
sharing PowerPoint so I don't usually use the camera, except maybe at the
beginning of class and on the first day of class, but that toggle is alt c.

If JAWS is focused in the chat bar to input information, I no longer hear
what is being typed in the chat box by students. I just get the "pop" sound
to notify me someone posted. Thus you don't want to leave focus on the chat
bar and then you hear everyone's postings.

I keep my system set at moderator status. Students are given presenter
status as needed and a few times I have sent them the guest link for
moderator status.

This was a bit of a last minute request to teach this class so I did not
have time to play around so much and I have not taught using Blackboard and
Moodle before. In that regard, we decided it was most realistic that instead
of me frustrating myself to no end and not getting things to work, we are
co-teaching this course and my colleague is navigating the tech as we
troubleshoot through. It is quite robust and we use the break-out rooms a
lot. Recording the class is easy. There is a great timer option. Breakout
groups can be done randomly or manually. A shortfall is if students are in
breakout rooms, their whiteboards do not get transferred back to the main
room. We added in using OneNote to facilitate this ease of transfer.
Students had been copying their group charts into Word and pasting them in
the main room white board but we are finding OneNote preferable.
Prior to leaving the class, I would encourage you to go through the entire
chat bar/white board and copy all the input from students and keep it for
your records. I just put it in a word doc. It is all time stamped and
students named, so you can really get a better overview of student
participation using that format. Lots of the students also use microphone
and participate by audio. This is captured only on the class recording

I am not sure if that helps.

You can reach me privately contacting sharon.ballantyne@...

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Hi Listers

I am wondering if any of you have had successful experiences with blackboard
and jaws? If so could you share details...version of blackboard, tasks
performed with blackboard, student or teacher, version of jaws, version of
Windows or version of OS if not Windows OS, browser used, and glitches and
work-arounds discovered.


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