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Hi again Swati. I left out a step in my last message. I will restate how to turn on tool tips.

Hi, Swati. To set reading of tool tip,

1. If you want the tool tips to be read, no matter which program is open, Press CONTROL plus SHIFT plus D to load the default JAWS script.
2. Press JAWS key plus the number six on the numbers row, to open Settings Center.
3. Arrow down to Speech Verbocity, and open with Right Arrow.
4. Arrow down to Configure Verbocity levels, and open with Right Arrow.
5. Choose which level of verbocity you wish to configure by arrowing to it, then press SPACE BAR to configure.
6. Tool Tip will be the last item in the check boxes to be checked.

Bill White

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Hi all,
As the subject line suggests, I would like to know how to read tooltip
of a control with the help of jaws 2019.
In previous versions, one can enable tooltip from quick settings and
jaws was good to go.
But in the latest version 2019, I am unable to find it in the settings.
Please help.
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