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Tony Schnurr

Another caveat to consider:
If this is a work computer; you may not have the appropriate admin rights to make various changes on your PC. Therefore, you may discover when you try to change settings in your Acrobat preferences, they may revert back to what they were. If that is the case, you would need to enable all features every time. Unless, that is, you can talk your IT department into making the changes for you in preferences. Good luck.

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Maybe try to uninstall it and reinstall it, so far every single person I heard about and who had this problem could fix it by unchecking the checkbox I mentioned.


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 Sorry, this does not solve it. I have the same issues, and it has happened after and adobe update and all of the security preferences including protective you are turned off. Any other ideas out there question 



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Guess you missed this as it came up a couple of times in the last few weeks 😊

1. Go to Preferences either via the menu or by pressing Control + K

2. Type “S” until you get to “Security (Enhanced) or arrow down the list until you find it

3. Tab once and you hear “Enable Protected Mode at startup”, in your case this is most likely checked.

4. Press the spacebar to uncheck it, tab to OK (in this case Shift + Tab gets you there faster) and activate it.

5. Close Acrobat Reader DC and reopen a PDF and all will be well. It seems like a recent update to Acrobat Reader DC has checked this option even if it was previously unchecked.





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Subject: JAWS Not Reading AdobeDC PDF Documents #advisory #advisory #advisory #advisory



I'm currently running JAWS 2019 latest edition and Windows 10 Version 10.0.17763 and AdobeDC Version: 19.12.20034.328841

All PDF document that I try and open via AdobeDC either by double clicking the file from within a folder or as an e-mail attachment or from the File Open menu in AdobeDC are no longer read by JAWS. I've checked the Preferences which are laid out differently to what I can remember the last time I was in there in AdobeDC and it would appear everything is switched on correctly. when I look at the About item in Help, I can see that AdobeDC knows I'm running JAWS.

When the files open, they don't do the usual preparing for reading and no progress display is shown on the screen. The PDF files are not images and I can OCR them through convenient OCR.

What am I missing? Any hints gladly accepted before I try a full reinstall of AdobeDC.

Have a great day.


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