Re: google hangouts with jaws 19



         I have been playing with the Hangouts App using NVDA with a combination of traditional and object navigation, the latter of which is the equivalent of the touch cursor in JAWS if memory is serving.   I still don't have the hang of it entirely, but I do know that once I get to the conversations list I have to change mode to move "person by person" or "conversation by conversation" down that list.  But right now, once I transition to the actual messages list for a conversation I can get them to read, but I cannot seem to transition back to the conversations list for love nor money.

          Someone who uses JAWS with the Hangouts App will need to speak to the issues with JAWS and the App and navigating it directly.

Brian - Windows 10 Pro, 64-Bit, Version 1809, Build 17763  

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