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David Ingram

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From: Ben Humphreys <>
Sent: May 23, 2019 8:21 PM
Subject: Re: the latest version of dropbox

Hi Jed,

Yes, I was getting that behavior yesterday.

But now when I click on Dropbox, it launches the app where you can
tab around and do the normal things.

But yes, it does appear the Dropbox sub-menu has been removed. Or so
it seems to me.


At 08:59 PM 5/23/2019, you wrote:
Hey guys,

OK, so something very stranger happened today. I'm running the latest
jfw, and i got home and booted up like usual. I have a dropbox icon
on my desktop. When i hit it, it said, dropbox desktop beta, and it
doesn't appear to be too friendly. Did anyone else have this happen?
Up until now, i would hit the icon and i could just arrow through
folders. Now it looks like a royal mess. Any ideas?



My question is are there any new features that we should know about? Also can I use this version with an older version of jaws? Thank you for any information that you might have concerning my questions!

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