Re: Is there a user group for WordPress for blind people using screen readers like JAWS?

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There is a face book group for word press users and the moderator offers to help people with issues.  Keep in mind he does this for a price and, for me , personally when he responded to my request, his spelling and grammar was less then satisfactory.  Thus, I thought if he puts the same amount of effort into building a website using word press as he does writing correspondence, I am not sure his work would be up to par and worth the money he would charge.  . 


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Subject: Re: Is there a user group for Wordpress for blind people using screen readers like JAWS?


There’s a group called blind webers it’s for yeah blind webpage creators. I don’t have to subscribe link I don’t belong to that group anymore. But you can look it up

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I would like to subscribe to a user group mailing list centered on blind users of Wordpress who use screen readers, like JAWS.  Does anyone have a recommendation?




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