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Londa Peterson <lpeterson@...>

It appears to be receiving mail. When I try and read with the JAWS cursor,
I can see several messages there. I'll try repairing the inbox and see if
that helps. Thanks.

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Sounds like it's not connecting to the E-Mail account, and may be waiting
for some input. Does this happen every time you launch Outlook?

If so, I think there should be an Inbox Repair Tool somewhere in the
Programs list under Microsoft Office. Perhaps that can fix it.

Another area to look at is to go to Control Panel.
Then click on the Mail Icon

This allows you to set up the Outlook account without actually going into

Dave Carlson
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I have a student who is running Windows 7 and using Office 2003. He is
having great difficulty with Outlook. I can't even get JAWS to focus on it.
I've tried alt tabbing to it. I've used insert+f10 and pressed enter on it
from there. I found it on the taskbar and pressed enter on that, but no go
there either. I even tried using the JAWS cursor to navigate into it, but
it lost focus as soon as I routed the PC cursor to JAWS. I can focus on the
menus that way, but I still can't focus on the actual message list. I
can't get it to stay in focus so I can even work on it. I did manage to
turn off the navigation and reading paines before I lost focus, but that
made it worse. I did manage to use the JAWS cursor to turn the navigation
paine back on in case that was the problem. That didn't work either. Does
anyone have any ideas. If I can't fix this, I'll have to switch him to
Windows Live Mail and hope to have better luck with that.

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