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Hi Shirley,


Not sure if you are using Jaws 2018 as your primary screenreader or if you also have Jaws 2019, but just as a heads up when you get the new Windows 10 update which was just released there are apparently a few things like the new emoji panel which won’t work correctly with Jaws 2018 any more. My assumption is that as time goes by and we get the fall update and going forward more and more issues may arise with Jaws 2018 and one may as well start thinking about upgrading to Jaws 2019 especially since you then also get features like picture smart which as Jaws Convenient OCR is pretty brilliant.


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Thanks, Mike. I just updated. Wasn’t sure what the changes were but figured I should do it.


Shirley Tracy


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Subject: J2018 Build Update 1811.30 + What's New


Howdy All,


Here's the latest release of J2018 + what's new with this release.


Version 2018.1811.30 ILM


32 Bit:



64 Bit:



What's new in this release:


The following is a list of improvements made in JAWS 2018 between the November 2018 update and the May 2019 update.
•Fixed a long standing issue where updating JAWS or Fusion would overwrite your desktop icon from the prior same version, including the shortcut keystroke you may have assigned to launch the software.
•Resolved an issue with performing a search on using the Chrome Browser when running JAWS or Fusion 2018.
•Resolved a reported issue where multi region title reading was failing.


Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!


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