google hangouts with jaws 19

William Windels


I am learning to work with google hangouts

On ios, it works great but on windows, with google chrome and jaws 19, I can’t find the history of my chats.

On ios, I can simply select the chat I want and talk directly to the person in that chat.


And, If I start a new chat, all goes well but, when switching between the history of that chat and the edit-field for new imput from me, I should do different tabs , depending on the place where I am in the history of the chat.


So, any hints , tutorials , hotkeys for working with hangouts and jaws would be great.

Kind regards,


William Windels


Incident Manager SWF

02/506 0 487 / 0477 88 4276 (ik werk niet op maandag- en vrijdag namiddag)


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