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The comment was based solely on the fact that this topic has been going on for days.  Thus I mused if the problem was with the CBC. No, I did not read your comment in its entirety for the reason mentioned above.  I thought this is covering something that has already been  beaten to death and rehashed, died then resurrected again. I apologize if my opinion of the CBC offended you and others. The expression I used to refer to the CBC was used by someone from the U K not mine. The CBC does have a purpose.      


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Don asked a perfectly legitimate question and I am Not sure if your sarcasm and opinion of the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for those who are not from Canada) is very useful here.

appropriate here. Obviously you don’t know that almost all the programs the CBC offers have described audio. The CBC also has a strong accessibility statement and as all government Canada websites theirs also is very accessible as are their iOS apps such as CBC News, CBC Music etc.

If you had read my replies you would have also read the explanations I provided as to how to turn on described audio for programs on the CBC TV website.





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Since I rarely watch and even more rarely listen to CBC (Corn Broadcasting Company) I’m wondering if they even offer audio description on their videos/TV programs?  If so, should they not be dealing with this problem?  I understand the reverend’s concerns, just wondering if he is not lamenting to the wrong people.   


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Don is not using an app for this, he wants to hear described video when playing CBC programs via the CBC website on his computer.


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If you are using your iPad, go to settings. Then go to General and Accessibility. Under, “media, “heading, go to where it says audio descriptions. Make sure this is on bye  going into this and making sure prefer  audio descriptions is on. Text beside this should say something like, “when available, Use audio descriptions. “It’s a little hard to get to, but after you get into settings and general, switch your rotor to headings. Then, just go to the heading that says media. Need anymore help? Right back to me personally, or write back to this group.
Thank you for your question and I hope it helped, me giving detailed instructions.
Ashleigh Piccinino


On May 20, 2019, at 1:08 AM, Don Walls <donwalls@...> wrote:

I’m wondering if someone can help.  When I go to CBC TV’s website and press the link to the video of a TV program, I don’t know how to turn on descriptive video service.  Apparently there’s a button but I can’t find it on my PC connection.  Last week, while away from home, I listened to a CBC TV program using my IPod Touch.  Again, no discernible DVS link but as the program was finishing, lo and behold, a descriptive link was announced, I pressed it and got the last minute with DVS!


Any suggestions?



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