Re: Saving a PDF in Word


Hi David,


This might be a good question for Microsoft accessibility. I rarely use Word, but I just opened a blank Word document, typed something and then did what you described, i.e. I pressed F12, I typed a file name, selected “PDF” from the format drop-down and then selected a folder and I was able to save the document as a Pdf without a problem.

I also use Office 365 with Windows 10 and Jaws 2019. As an alternative and as long as you use Windows 10, you could always print the document and select “Microsoft Print to PDF”, this will also create an accessible PDF file.





From: <> On Behalf Of David Kingsbury
Sent: Monday, May 20, 2019 3:39 PM
Subject: Saving a PDF in Word



I am using JAWS 2019 with Word 365.  When I hit F12 to save a document, and I want to save it as a PDF, when I go to the save as file type combo box, arrow down to PDF, tab to the save button and hit enter, it says the file is being used by another application or user and will not save it. This used to work. Any ideas about what I should do?save it as a PDF

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