Re: Turning on DVS on a video link

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Try calling the Apple help desk at 1-877-204-3930


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Not being in Canada, I'm not sure, but do they have a customer service line you could call, or at least write?

On your iPod Touch, check under accessibility settings, and in the media section, make sure Audio description is on.

That could do it for you but you still may need their link to enable the service.




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On May 19, 2019, at 11:08 PM, Don Walls <donwalls@...> wrote:

I’m wondering if someone can help.  When I go to CBC TV’s website and press the link to the video of a TV program, I don’t know how to turn on descriptive video service.  Apparently there’s a button but I can’t find it on my PC connection.  Last week, while away from home, I listened to a CBC TV program using my IPod Touch.  Again, no discernible DVS link but as the program was finishing, lo and behold, a descriptive link was announced, I pressed it and got the last minute with DVS!


Any suggestions?



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