Re: JAWS Not reading full line with up and down arrows

Ann Byrne

JAWS used to do this if the page wasn’t maximized. Also, if another window was opened, covering the page you are reading.

On May 18, 2019, at 6:23 AM, Rahul Bajaj <> wrote:


When I press up and down arrow in an editable word document, instead
of reading the whole line, JAWS is only reading 3-4 words at a time. I
am using JAWS 2018. This is happening for Word 10 and 16. Even NVDA is
behaving this way. What to do?

JAWS 2018 and WIndows 10 is what I am using.

Rahul Bajaj
Candidate for the BCL
Rhodes Scholar (India and Linacre 2018)
University of Oxford

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