Re: Update On Distorted Jaws Speech Problem

Michael Mote

Hi Tom. I am glad that you have resolved this issue, at least for now
anyway. Windows 10 releases updates all the time, so you may want to
keep the drivers handy just in case. I have never noticed USB headset
sounds being impacted by Windows 10 updates, although, maybe I have
been lucky. I'm hopeful that you get more than just a few days of
relief rom this issue.

On 5/14/19, Randy Barnett <> wrote:
I’m sorry you’re had so much trouble with that. I guess I’m just lucky and
haven’t had to deal with that. But of course you’re not bugging anybody
that’s what we’re here for. As far as it being a known issue that’s a pretty
big issue for screen reader users.

Randy Barnett owner of soundtique

On May 13, 2019, at 1:07 PM, Tom Behler <> wrote:

Hello, again, everyone.

After several tries and about an hour on the phone with Microsoft
Accessibility, we finally got a new realtech driver installed that pretty
much solved my Jaws speech distortion problem again.

Things are not perfect, and still a bit quirky when it comes to plugging in
my headphones, but at least I’m basically back in business again.

I want to thank everyone on the list for tolerating my various e-mails on
the topic.

If anyone has some thoughts on what we might be able to do to effectively
highlight what clearly seems to be a problem relating to Microsoft sound
card driver updates, please let us know. I’m told that this is a known
Windows 10 issue.

Tom Behler

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