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Hello Clare

Please find below some answers i can give:

1. I'm not sure about what you mean, but try virtualizing the dialog with this key combination Jaws key+Alt+z.

2. Jaws key+f gives a seires of infos about current cell amonst with text and background colors.

4. There are 2 different ways to go through tables in Word:

 You can either use Ctrl+Alt+arrow keys to go lines down and up (Ctrl+alt+Up/Down arrow), and Cltr+Alt+Left/Right arrow to walk through columns

 or you can press Jaws key+Space bar, then T. Then just use the arrow keys alone. To leave this mode out, press Escape.


Le 11/05/2019 à 13:37, clarethompson2000 via Groups.Io a écrit :
Hi All,

I am trying to help out a friend who has just started using JAWS 2019 on a laptop with laptop keyboard layout and with Office 2016, and I have a few questions they have asked which I couldn't find the answer to.  I hope you do not mind me posting here.
  1. Can you get the non editable text on dialog boxes to be spelled out as well as read?
  2. Can you get JAWS to tell you what colour a shaded cell is in Excel ?
  3. We cannot get an email group to read out the individual contacts within Outlook when created.  If the group is opened and you arrow down through each contact JAWS is silent.  I.e. a group called "work" with four individual members of the group.
  4. Is there an easy way of reading tables within Word?

Thank you in advance.

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