Re: Can you fill down a series in Excel?


Sally, not knowing which version of Excel (but I don't think it really
matters), try this:

start by typing 1 for cell a1, 2 in a2, and 3 in a3.
then select the cells you want to have the auto fill done, e.g. a1 thru
a10. then you can tell it to auto fill by pressing alt, h, f, i, s.
Shift+Tab to where it says linear and then press up arrow to auto fill
and press enter.

if you want to auto fill in a row, start by typing 1 in a1, 2 in b1, and
3 in c1. select the cells to auto fill, a1 thru j1. press alt, h, f, i,
s, shift tab to linear and up arrow to auto fill, shift tab and up arrow
to row, and press enter.

alternately, strings can be typed instead of numbers in the first 3
cells, monday in a1, tuesday in a2, wednesday in a3, and follow the
steps above.

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From: Sally Hagarty []
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Date: Friday, May 10, 2019, 11:25 AM
Subject: Can you fill down a series in Excel?

In Microsoft Excel, is there a keyboard command to fill down a series,
such as day of the week or month? I am not talking about filling down a
formula using control D or control R.

That works for formulas, but is not working for a series, such as
January, February, March. Thanks in advance.

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