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Hi Dave,
I thought it was some sort of keystroke you evoked or something and was
something you could do quickly but using 2010 for me I have to alt here,
enter there and bla bla bla.

Pretty cool though.

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Unfortunately it's not automatic. I just do it once in a while to amuse

I use Windows Mail, and go to tools/accounts.
Then I edit the preferences on the E-Mail account I'm using (in my case it's
the default) Then in the first page "General" the first tab drops me into an
edit field called Name:
I just edit that field, press Enter, and then tab out to the close button.

A bit of fussing, but not so much that I let it spoil my fun.

Dave Carlson
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E6520 and Windows 7

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I didn't know how to word the subject line but after I ask this question,
the person who does this will know I am targeting him. I was wondering, how
in the world do you do that? Farfer on the job, farfer in the shop, etc?
That's pretty cool.

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