Re: jfw.exe entry point not found

Randy Meyer

I did try reinstalling with the latest jaws update file and that did not work.

Research showed me that this might be a problem that sometimes happens to windows 10. I did a restore point back to a few days ago, which fixed the problem with Jaws.

I did have to reinstall Chrome after that, as it would not come up, which has happened to me once before.

My only remaining problem is that MS Office 365 update fails, but at least this is an issue I can troubleshoot with Microsoft when time permits.

Thank you for your reply.

Randy Meyer

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No, Try reinstalling with the newest install file from FS. You should get an option to repair. if not let me know.

On 5/7/2019 4:20 PM, Randy Meyer wrote:
My jaws 2019 stopped working when I restarted my computer today. I get a message on startup that says, jfw.exe entry point not found. I can only hit ok.

Repairing and reinstalling fail quickly. Jaws 2018 runs, as well as NVDA and narrator.

Has anyone seen this error message before?

I am waiting on a tech support call back from FS.

Randy Meyer

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