Re: Outlook, JAWS 17, and email attachments

Tim Ford

I agree.  I have found the technique of:  /f, save all attachments, to be a good approach for regular use.  Rather than guessing, just do that short set of keystrokes and you are assured you have everything.  I have in the past missed attachments by relying on them to appear in that separate attachment window in the email.


Tim Ford



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Subject: Re: Outlook, JAWS 17, and email attachments


There are cases when the sender can attach the document into the body of the text.  I think it’s when using RTF format.  I rarely see this, but some people like it because they can place an icon to the attachment in a specific spot in the text of their email.   For example, some sighted people do this because they want to show which attachment relates to a particular part of their message, especially if they are including multiple attachments.  I suppose others just do it because that’s the way their email client is set up.  In either case, I then go to the File menu in Outlook and select the option to save all attachments.  It’s not ideal, but it’s more efficient that wondering if you’ve found the attachments.   








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Subject: Outlook, JAWS 17, and email attachments


Hi All,


I have recently encountered an issue with only some email senders. I have one particular person who sends emails with meeting agendas and minutes attached. When I read the email preview in my inbox, it tells me there is an attachment. However, when I open the message and try to backspace to open the attachment, it isn’t there. I have also tried insert + A to bring up a list of attachments, and I get a message telling me there are no attachments in the message. The only way to access the attachments seems to be if I save them first.


I am using JAWS 17, and we use Office 365 at work.


Has anyone else encountered this issue?


Thanks so much,




Cynthia Bruce PhD, MTA

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Canadian Association of Music Therapists


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