Re: word perfect x5 with windows 7 64 bit and jaws 13

Charles Coe

Hi John,

There is a software program I happened to find while browsing that may be of
help to you it is called killer keys and has over 15,000 keys and works
with 100 programs. It automatically senses the particular program you are
working in and will bring up the shortcut keys for that program.

You can find out about it at:

It costs about $10.00 and you can try it for free.

I think shift f9 changes fonts

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Subject: word perfect x5 with windows 7 64 bit and jaws 13

Hi: Just started using jaws 13 and tried word perfect x5. It doesn't seem to
work well to the extent that when I attempt to read the font size with
insert+f it reports an inaccurate font size at 15, when I know it's 12.
also doesn't seem to respond to reveal codes. Any help would be appreciated.
John Fioravanti

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