comments within a MS Word document

Rick Mladek

Hi all,


I have a Microsoft Word document that is being reviewed with comments added by all parties. I receive this as an attachment and for example, arrowing down, I hit the date line upon the cover page. It tells me comment and the initials of the individual commenting and the number of the comment within the document. For example, Jaws says comment abc1 then the date. Another example is within the table of contents, #10 for example is blah blah blah on page blah blah blah. The beginning of this line, Jaws says comment abc2 then the title of this section and the page number that it is on/in..


How do I find the comments? There is obviously something hidden, the said comment, but how to get jaws to read the comment? Hitting enter does not read it nor is anything seen upon the document, visually that is.


Thanks for your help,




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